Problem - Cracked door pillar - Sheerline

Solution -

Problem - Door dropping - Sheerline

This is serious problem. It can be caused by a couple of serious faults being:-

  1. A rotted door frame,
  2. worn/loose hinges.


If the door has not been taken apart, an easy way to check if the frame is at fault is to

If the door flexes then the cure is to take the door apart and totally rebuild the door frame. UGH !! A total s--t of a job, I know I have just done 2 doors, and about to start on the other 2. There is no other way that I can see that you could possibly repair a door that is in the sagging sloppy condition. If that is the case then come back to me and I will give you some handy points and information on how to rebuild the frame.


The screw/plates that hold the striker plate in place are as weak as water. However if all else is sound and they are properly adjusted then they seem to work O.K. - BUT YOU MUST KEEP THEM TIGHT AND WELL ADJUSTED.

Solution -

To remove the locking plate from inside the pillar, again its a case of opening the pillar, removing the plate. To do this you will have to

An attractive alternative is to

The disadvantage of this method is that the whole thing is no longer standard, and the internal plate is only 3/16" thick, whereas it should be 1/4" thick for 1/4" bolts.

Contributed by Ken Gardiner - Australia